Penguins Creative’s Weekly Thought Doodles

I’m asking for a nice group of people to share this habit and inspire each other. If you would like to receive this weekly page, please subscribe here!

I’ve been thinking that I have neglected my A6 Hobonichi techo too much! Normally I use this as my work and school catch-all, but sometimes I also use it to record inspirational quotes and murmurs of my reflections. Are you interested in seeing those pages?


If yes, I’m currently testing out a weekly newsletter that includes a page of my A6 Hobonichi Techo musings. It includes some random doodle and a few sentences about my life, my observations, and that hopefully resonates with you as well!

5 thoughts on “Penguins Creative’s Weekly Thought Doodles

  1. Pamala Hanson says:

    I love to follow your doodles and have been following you since I found out about hobonichi’s you were one of the first You Tuber’s I followed on hobo’s. I would love to know more about those little animals you show in your pictures are they erasers or plastic they are so cute for inspiration. Keep sharing please I love your doodles πŸ™‚

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    • aprilwu72 says:

      Hello! thank you so much for following me and supporting my creative process πŸ˜€ The little animals you see in my instagram are actually small figurines (called gashapon toys in Japan). They are like tiny toys you can put on your table or whatever, and just for fun!


  2. Bonnie says:

    I am a college student and I major in English; therefore, I write my hobo in English too. However, I don’t have time to decorate it every day, so I just write and write and write……
    I am glad I have a new empty page every day so I have a fresh start in the morning.


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