Hello, my name is April!

I grew up hopping countries between Taipei, Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand. My latest leg in the journey of life is in Boston, MA United States, where I’m pursuing a graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communication.

My passion for art started out with doodles in my textbooks and random penguins everywhere. After graduating high school, my creative drive went into hiatus as I get caught up in work and life. However, in the past two years, I had amazing opportunities to meet up with many stationery enthusiasts and artists from many places. I picked up a Hobonichi planner in late 2014, and my sketching stories begin again.

Following my work on Instagram: @penguinscreative where I post daily updates of my journaling pages. I make videos on my doodling and painting process in my youtube channel: aprilwu9

I really appreciate all the support and followers on my social media. Many of you are my greatest inspiration, and I’m even happier that we’ve become great friends! You can reach out to me through comments or shares! I’m also open to more opportunities and you can contact me at: april.wu9@gmail.com

Have fun with stationery and art!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Sue Huskins says:

    Hi April , I follow you on YouTube but haven’t seen you in a long time. Hope you are well and went back to school. I do know you like penguins and wanted to let you know that “Joe Nakashima” on YouTube just uploaded a video on “origami penguin bookmark”. I thought you love art and would enjoy seeing him make this. Take care. Sue

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  2. Jens Rademacher says:

    Hi April, thanks for your fast response regarding your 3 watercolor paintings you postet on instagram. Please let me know your price for these 3.
    Thanks a lot,

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  3. Tanja says:

    I like the little figures, sitting on your hobonichi in the year 2015. Can you say me, where I can get the figures?
    Thanks a lot


    • aprilwu72 says:

      Those are called gachapon figurines, and they are popular in Asian countries, especially Japan. It is like a gumball machine where you insert a few dollars, and you twist and get a surprise figurine hidden in a plastic egg. You might be able to find people reselling them individually on ebay?


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