2017 Hobonichi Unboxing

It’s here! It’s finally here!

The sun was bright and the sky was clear as I happily skipped my way to the Post Office to pick up my Hobonichi order.


“Shoes?” The lady behind the counter asked as she processed my yellow box


“Girls and their shoes~” She replied

Girl, you have no idea. Sometimes it’s hard to explain one’s stationery obsession with someone who’s not interested in this hobby 😉 I was grinning from ear to ear as I carry my prize all the way home! 

I immediately have to film an unboxing video of course. Just two days ago, my “extra” order from a friend in Japan also arrived as well, and it includes some Hobonichi items that  “on second thought” I should have added to my initial order. This video shows the complete unboxing of my Hobonichi haul for 2017!

Here’s my Hobonichi set up for 2017:

1. Creative Journaling – Hobonichi Cousin Avec + Snow Pink + clear Cover on Cover

If you follow my instagram @penguinscreative or have read my How to build a Hobonichi Habit, you’ll know that the journey of creative journaling is amazing! I’m determined to continue doing this for 2017 as well. This year I got the Snow pink cover because I like the contrast of the white cover to the black one I had last year! I also want my creative journaling book to have a “bright” theme for year 2017. In the video you’ll also see how I plan to customize and utilize the white cover as canvas to showcase my urban sketches!

2. Work and School Catch-all – Hobonichi English Planner + Run Run Run 

This year I used a Hobonichi A6 techo Avec as my school catch-all. However, I found that the smaller planners is too flimsy and small to handle as a portable planner, especially when it felt loose in the A6 covers! Therefore I decided to get the full English Planner again. Not only is the cover beautiful, the grids are larger than the Japanese counterpart, so it’ll be easier for my handwriting and notes. I also love the simplicity of the page designs, and I’ll be able to share the english quotes with my colleagues and classmates!

As for cover, I’ll be reusing my Run Run Run cover from 2016! It’s a gift from a friend for my birthday, and I feel bad that I didn’t use it as much…


3. Daily Schedule & Planner – Hobonichi French Bread Weeks

The Weeks worked really well for me this year. The size is slim and super portable, and I can slip it into any bag I own. It fits in my palm and isn’t overly small that I can’t make extra notes. I use it to track weekly events and some important to-dos each week. The blank pages on the back is also very good for impromptu sketching or note-taking!

I almost went the direction of Nolty Gold (another brand) this year, but the cute french bread pattern got me…especially the baguette that has a bite taken out of it!

Here’s the complete haul!



3 thoughts on “2017 Hobonichi Unboxing

  1. Hazel says:

    I was also excited to receive my order. I just wished that had a preview of all their items before the release dates. I ordered and them saw items I wanted that were sold out in a few minutes. Shipping for USA is expensive.


    • Loewe Chan says:

      Shipping to Canada is as expensive as the hobonichi book itself 😦 I’m thinking of trying out a fauxbonichi but the set-up seems like it’ll take forever (and not even look 1/3 as nice).


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