Puppy drawings for Inktober

Yes! thanks to my friend Smita’s suggestion, I’ve discovered the fun project of Inktober! What a great opportunity to pick up my fountain pen and start using up all those bottles of inks (Remind me again why I brought over 4 bottles of ink to the States…)

(Inktober day 9)

Inktober is definitely a great practice to draw something each day. The short time period of the month of October is also fun and stress-free. I decided on a theme, which is to draw all the cute puppies I’ve been following on various service dog organisation in the States, such as Warrior Canine ConnectionService Dog Project, and ECADEducated Canine assisting with Disabilities. (You can observe the cute puppies 24/7 here!)

I love animals, especially dogs and cats. However, I never felt comfortable drawing them unless I have a picture reference. I think this is a good opportunity to observe their body structures and draw them in detail. Drawing with ink also leave less room for mistake, so I’ll be more considerate of my strokes and the shapes. It’s definitely a good exercise for me!

For these doodles, I use at Pilot Prera fountain pen (F nib) and Sailor Nano-black waterproof ink. I’m drawing them in the 1101 Hobonichi Cousin. 

So, here are my drawings so far for Inktober, enjoy!










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