DIY portable watercolor palette


七月去了東京與網友一起有了小小的文具聚,收穫除了認識更多文具品牌而且充分shopping之外,也向她學了一些彩繪方面的文具DIY! 這次最喜歡的就是她教我自製輕巧便利的攜帶式水彩盤!

In my Japanese stationery expedition in July, I visited my artistic friend Esther in Tokyo! We went shopping, stationery hunting, and sketching all over the city. She also showed me a few tips on how to make your own DIY portable palette! I thought I’d share it here with you guys~

不久前介紹了自己使用的溫沙牛頓攜帶式水彩盤,搭配水筆就能夠很輕鬆的沾取並隨地作畫,尤其是我的Hobonichi裡充滿了一些隨性的手繪,攜帶型水彩盤勢我的文具必備之一!(歡迎到我的IG觀賞: @penguinscreative)

Before I made my own palette, I always used Winsor and Newton’s pocket palette as my go-to water-colour pan. If you use it with a water brush, it is easy to mix color and use when you take it on an outing! I use it excessively in my Hobonichi as my daily entries include random doodles and watercoloring! (Instagram: @penguinscreative)


朋友針對這個水彩盤自製過程寫了一篇文,可以點取這裡閱讀  (<— You can read my friend’s tutorial blog post through this link!)


自製水彩盤超級無敵簡單,成本也低到不行~ 還可以根據你喜歡的水彩品牌做調整,主要需要的材料如下:

It is super easy to make your own portable water-colour palette. The components and materials are relatively cheap as well! You can customise the type of paint you want to use!

  • 小鐵盒  (建議找銀色鐵盒,混色的時候比較看的清楚!) A tin palette such as an Altoid’s tin
  • 大創布包式扭扣 Cloth covered buttons
  • 條狀透明水彩 Tube Transparent watercolor (Holbein, Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt, Pentel…etc)
  • 強力膠 Super glue

就這樣!that’s it!


I use this cute tin I found in Jin Xing Fa (a stationery wholesale shop in Taiwan). It is very light and pretty. I used to use this to store washi tape stickers, but it is also the perfect size for a portable water-colour palette!


後期在去金興發竟然有更多可愛的款式!整個愛不釋手~ 我想強大的文具版友大概也會想到用紙膠帶來裝飾他,發起更多有創意的點綴方式~

You can always customise your own tin palette by decorating it with washi tape!


有了鐵盒之後就是在大創找尋布包式扭扣 (或叫做Cloth Covered Buttons),他的構造就是一個可分離式的小半圓鐵盤,將扭扣部分取掉不用,剩下的小鐵盤剛好可以拿來裝載水彩! (這些扭扣都標榜stainless steel或者是不怕水洗,所以不會有生鏽的問題!),大創有賣三種大小的扭扣,就看你的需求囉。

You can find these cloth covered buttons at Daiso or other fabric supply shops. You can separate the exterior pan with the eye of the buttons. Most of these are durable with water and less likely to rust!


用強力膠將他們固定在鐵盤裡!Glue them onto the tin palette with super glue!


然後就是任意用水彩顏料填滿~ (給他一天放乾)  我使用的是Holbein專業水彩,但對於初學者,也可以使用文具店裡販售的雄獅或是其他品牌,建議一定要用透明水彩(Transparent Watercolor),他的特性不但快乾又有水溶性,能夠很牢的附著在水彩盤上。

The fun part is to fill it up with your favourite water-colour paints! I used Holbein’s professional water-colour. You can also choose whatever brand you are the most comfortable working with. It is recommended to use transparent water-colour because it dries fast and is water soluble. It is also going to stay inside the palette more firmly than if you use Gouche paints. Gouche paints dry really fast and is going to fall out of the tin pans.

我試過擠一些不透明水彩(Gouche),沒想到那一小陀乾掉後就離家出走了… 很容易掉落!



I love using tube water-colour because the pigment is more vibrant and saturated than block watercolors. Especially when using a water brush, the flow of the water through the pen is likely to dilute the pigment. Thus, water-colour out of a tube is more vibrant and flexible than block watercolors. I prefer using them when I paint on larger surfaces.


Just a tiny bit of paint can last a long long time! I love to urban sketch, and using these tiny portable water-colour allows me to draw very efficiently (holding the palette and sketch book together with my left hand, while I paint with my right! sometimes I spare a finger to hold on to my drying cloth as well~)





(後來買了更大的鐵盒想來裝更多顏色! 右邊的水彩筆盒其實是高露潔牙刷的旅行組盒)

You can make larger pans if you want to have more colours in your palette.



DIY portable watercolor palette is easy to make and use! It is even smaller than my Winsor and Newton pocket palette and has become my favourite tool to paint with!


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