49th Sketch Crawl in Boston

On October 24th was the national Sketch Crawl event! Urban sketchers from all over the world are united in this special event where they try to capture the beauty of their city through sketching, water-colour, or other artistic mediums~ It was especially inspiring to know that on that day, there are hundreds out there sharing the same passion of drawing and appreciating the city with our observant eyes!

Of course, I would never miss it for the world. Together with the Urban Sketcher group here in Boston, we set out to sketch and paint downtown Boston and later to Harvard Square!


It was a chilly morning, and my first stop was at Copley square. After a brief visit to the Boston Book Fair that was organised at the location, I quickly retreat to the warmth of Finagle Bagel. Sitting by the window, I had an excellent view of the Trinity Church, and I captured it in my sketch book~


This quick sketch is made with the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen! The fine nib is perfect for sketching and the ink is waterproof, which makes painting it with water-colour easy and convenient.  Fellow sketcher Smita joined me in sketching the Trinity Church. As well as colouring in my sketch, I also had time to doodle my breakfast bagel as well…




The second place we decided to draw was Faneuil Hall near Quincy Market. Unbeknownst to my fellow sketcher friends, my ulterior motive is to check out the Halloween Pet Parade! It’s where you get to see cute pets get dressed up as cartoon characters or unique outfits~ Naturally, we forgot all about sketching and was instead, ogling at all the cute halloween-themed pets.


Finally we met up with the rest of the sketchers at Harvard Square. Boy, the weather was so cold. We were all shivering in our jackets and we can barely hold on to our pen, but we persisted.


This was my perspective from the outdoor seatings of Au Bon Pain. I love the brightly coloured walls of all the buildings here.


After scanning, the sketch lost a bit of vibrancy, but it still look nice.


This is all of us huddling like penguins while sketching! Definitely a memorable experience. I wonder how we are going to keep drawing in the winter!



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