HOBONICHI Flip Through 2016 January

A bit belated, but I still want to take the chance to show you guys a flip through of my January pages in the Hobonichi Cousin. January marks the second month I started using the larger size Hobonichi planner.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 1.01.50 AM.png

First I’ll do a quick review of the stationery tools I use mostly in my Hobonichi pages for my creative journaling! If you are impatient to get to the flip through portion, scroll down to the end of this post!


1. Waterproof pigment ink pens: My favorites are Uni Pin Fineline, but they don’t seem to be available at many places in the States (I bought mine at stationery stores in Taiwan and Tokyo). I also use Micron Sakuras as well, so they are a nice alternative. Here’s a introduction to my favorite waterproof pigment ink pens.

2. Portable watercolor palettes: My first watercolor palette is from Winsor & Newton (the beginner’s version: Cotman). As I gradually got into painting, I bought Holbein tube watercolors to customize into my own portable watercolor palettes. It really opens up the variation and flexibility in your preferred color sets!

3. Fountain pens: Ah, the rabbit hole that is fountain pens. The fountain pens I used the most in my Hobonichi are Pilot Preras with a fine nib. I alternative between THREE of them so I can have different ink colors in my pages… (guilty). For those who wants a FP with a more introductory price can go for Pilot Kakunos, which has a similar nib.

4. Multi color gel pens: These are my go-to pens for everyday classes and work. They are slim, fits 3 to 4 colors in one pen so I can color coordinate my notes. My two favorite brands are Uni style-fit (fits 3 or 5 colors) and Pilot Coleto (fits 3, 4, or 5 colors). I find that Uni style fit gel pens are a bit more waterproof than Pilot Coletos, assuming that you gave it enough time to dry.

5. Colored highlighters: I love Japanese stationery because they always come up with the greatest designs: Zebra Midliners, mild highlighters with various colors that soothe your eyes, unlike other neon highlighters! Another recent favorite are Pilot Erixon Colors. They are slim and are even erasable!

6. Washi Tapes: Washi tapes. What can I say. Experienced journal junkies probably know about this wonderful invention already. Let me just bombard you with a quick video of my Washi Tower. (Which has expanded greatly since I last made this video…)

7. Collaging materials: Stickers! Brochures! Catalogs! Ticket stubs! One of my favorite resource are L.L.Beans catalogs because they often feature cute puppies for their pet beds. In Taiwan, many Hobonichi users would cut out fashion magazines to do collages of potential OOTD in their daily pages as well.

It’s a quick flip through video under five minutes with relaxing music in the background! Hope you enjoy it~

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