Daniel Smith Social Watercolor Play Day

The coolest thing about moving to Seattle is that I’ll soon be able to participate in many cool art events here. The best perk is living in the same city as Daniel Smith Art Supplies in downtown! Kate from Seattle Urban Sketchers invited me to go to Daniel Smith’s Mothership event: Social Watercolor Play Day.

Swagatika and I had to take the bus and walk on foot for 15 minutes through a creepy industrial (wasteland) before finding the factory-like store that nestled nearby 1st Avenue. It was worth it.

We were led to a gallery/classroom space at the back of the store where people are already setting up their table. Daniel Smith provides us Canson 100% cotton paper, mixing palettes, some brushes, and the ENTIRE line of their artist’s extra fine watercolor. (Cue heaven music) 



It’s a social event so there was no instructions or format to the session. We drank coffee, ate cookies, and played with the watercolor to all our heart’s desire. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a few of the amazing colors I’ve seen used by instructors during the Symposium. I prepped Jane Blundell’s cheat sheet and referenced Paul Wang’s workshop. I also dug out Archana’s custom made palette for this purpose, to dab a bit of paint into each well to see how I like it!

Again, armed with the Rosemary sable and squirrel mop, I wanted to replicate a few of my favorite Boston photos: Charle’s River, Cape Cod beach, and Boston’s autumn foliage.


The paper is amazing, it holds water so well I was able to do some wet on wet technique. The best part of this session though is that you get to play with colors you don’t typically have in your palette!

The final result of my three paintings at the end of the day. The next one is happening on September 23rd! Maybe I’ll see you there~


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