Traveler’s Notebook Caravan in Taiwan

I’m BEYOND envious of everyone in Taiwan right now. Midair’s Traveler’s Notebook is holding a special exhibition in Taiwan along with the celebration of their 10th anniversary. Traveler’s Company Caravan designed a series of items that are inspired by local features of Taiwan! For a stationery addict like me, it definitely evoked a serious sense of nostalgia and excitement. I NEED TO OWN THEM ALL!


In Taiwan, there are a lot of shops that treat TRAVELER’S notebook with care and respect, and there are a lot of good foods and heartwarming people, making it an attractive place to travel.

They collaborated with Eslite Bookstore for this special event. Unfortunately, this collaboration also allowed them to kick up the price of the items a bit. Eslite, why are you taking all of my money.

Traveler’s Notebook definitely have a giant fan base in Taiwan. The testament being that almost everything was sold out on the first day of sale yesterday. My friends had a game plan and went ahead of the opening time to gather and get ready for battle. I placed my meager order of a single roll of washi tape with them, while they made the below purchase:


(Guys, I can’t even)

To soothe the envy and trauma, I ended up drawing my own mock up of their designs for the grand event. If you can’t buy it, draw it.

One thought on “Traveler’s Notebook Caravan in Taiwan

  1. Deanna says:

    I feel the same way when I want to buy something!!! I love drawing items that I want to buy XD The washi tape looks amazing *0* I had no idea festivals like this existed! I wonder if they have things like this in my area. People travel to New York City, right?!?!

    Rosegold Fox


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