Drawing Tips – Painting with Waterbrush

Friday was a national holiday in Taiwan because the government was compensating a day off for Qingming Holiday where everyone goes home to pay respect to the ancestors. My friends and I took advantage of this day off to go on a Picnic to Qingtiangang, a beautiful expanse of plain on top of Yangming Mountain.


Of course I brought along my paints and sketchbook in hope to capture the beautiful scenery. I wasn’t disappointed, because the weather was super nice and I’d say it’s even feeling like summer has arrived!


I recall when I was here last time (about two weeks ago), the weather was dreary and there was heavy mist up on the trail. We couldn’t see a thing within 10 feet, so we gave up and went home disappointed. (However, we did get to see some cherry blossoms on the way down the mountain).


(the unfortunate trip last time)

On this day, the sun was streaming down ferociously. There was no cover up there, but we make do with our umbrellas, tucking ourselves under the shade, sitting on the plastic picnic mat that I brought. We ate sandwich and fruit while sunbathing. Then I decided to start sketching the scene before me.


By using the portable water brushes, I was able to paint my sketching immediately~ I made a speed painting video of my drawing process here:

It is a pleasant experience painting outdoors, and I’m sure I’ll be doing more of that as Summer approaches! Hope you enjoy this post, and why don’t you try sketching outdoors too!


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