Portrait Practice – doodle book project

I came across doodle books by the way of online recommendations. I’m always interested in books that teaches art at book stores, and I’ve always love to watch art tutorials on youtube.

Yet it is clear that you cannot improve if you don’t start drawing things yourself. Videos and books can teach you techniques of give you an idea of how to draw certain shapes, but to learn art, the best way is to pick up a pen and paper and start drawing.


This is why I’m beginning my pursuit of drawing people through a series of exercise as guided by this book I found: Easy Drawing Note, 10 minute a day, learn to draw people.

The author is a famous illustrator and art instructor in South Korea. I love the break down of this book that teaches the basic of drawing faces, from simple doodles to more detailed constructions.


His character doodles are very simple but at the same time extremely expressive. I usually get frustrated when I can’t draw the exact image I have in mind, but his book starts out with simple exercises that reminds me that art is a relaxing and fun activity, not something to be stressed about!

The first practice in his book is the pebble portraits. A smiley face can be created using a circle and three lines. Fill a page with pebbles and put on as much facial expression as you can using the three lines!


This is how my page turned out. Big and small pebbles everywhere.


drawing the pebbles is a relaxing exercise to flex your wrist and palm. Drawing continuous circles help warm up your hand and fingers for more detail drawings!

Now the faces!


I’m really happy with the turn out of this first exercise. Now I have a full page of facial expression for me to color in when I’m stressed! (definitely looking forward to that!)

stay tune to my drawing exercises in future posts~ and let’s learn to draw portraits together!


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